Over the past 10 years I've been doing software development for hobby reasons, education, practical applications, and as a profession developer. Below is a list of some of my recent projects.

Mining Online Social Networks

I am currently working with Dr. Jianguo Lu to apply research to live APIs for various social networks. Previous research explored methods of obtaining random samples from graph networks, and accurate alternate methods where limitations existed.

I am currently developing software using Python and MongoDB that applies a Random Walk method to the Twitter API in order to obtain an appopriate sample. This sample can be used to estimate various properties of users, such as how many friends they have, the total size of the network, etc.

To follow along with the project's progress, visit the project blog.

TarValon.Net Membership Record System

I have been part of the non-profit social communit of TarValon.Net since 2010, and volunteer some of my time doing various server admin and IT work, including managing the web server, MySQL databases, and setting up TLS certificates.

One major project that we've been working on is a system to record and manage information about members. Since the social community is also an incorporated entity and a social club with Member Bylaws, etc., we'd like to have some way of representing the various aspects of our organization. The system will include member information along with a history positions held, official events attended, contributions made, etc.